"I saw few die of hunger; of eating, a hundred thousand." -Ben Franklin

Monday, April 25, 2011

A Philly Paleo Adventure

The weather's been gorgeous here in Philly these last few days-- it's been in the 80s, sunny, and just-all around beautiful. After spending the last few weeks cooped up in my dorm, writing term papers and studying, I decided to be outside, school-free, all Sunday. After going for a run around campus, I had the idea to scout out Sarah Fragoso's new book, Everyday Paleo, at the Barnes & Noble in Center City, then stop at Trader Joe's for, well, whatever Paleo things I could find. Books and Paleo and a nice dose of Vitamin D all in one day? Perfect!

Twenty-one blocks and a lot of sun later, I arrived at the Rittenhouse Square Barnes & Noble and went right to the health/nutrition/diet section and, sure enough, saw three copies of Fragoso's book. Score! I also saw The Paleo Diet, The Paleo Diet Cookbook, The Paleo Diet for Athletes, The New Evolution Diet, and The Paleo Solution. Words cannot describe how happy seeing all of those books on one shelf made me! The Primal Blueprint, however, was MIA. Huh.

But wait! As I perused the "Special Diets"* shelf in the cookbooks section, you know what jumped out at me? All three of Mark Sisson's books!! That's right: The Primal Blueprint, The Primal Blueprint Cookbook, and Primal Blueprint: Quick & Easy Meals were all on the shelf! Jackpot! So I grabbed Quick & Easy Meals, ridiculously excited that this B&N carried it considering it just came out. Such an epic, epic win... especially since the semester's winding down and I'll have more time to cook quick and easy meals!*
*Note: "Special diet" to describe Paleo/Primal is a total understatement. Maybe I should petition B&N to create an "Extra-special, Completely Sensible/Awesome, Eat-like-nature-intended Diet/Lifestyle" shelf. It'd be great!
*Note 2: My mission this summer is to do a heck of a lot of cooking. I now own quite a few Paleo/Primal cookbooks, so I'm warning you all now: MANY recipe/food porn posts will be forthcoming!

After buying Everyday Paleo and Quick & Easy Meals (and loving gift cards, coupons, and the member discount so I paid about the same price I would've online!), I headed over a few blocks to Trader Joe's. I've never been to Trader Joe's before, so I was really excited to see that much (reasonably priced!) food all in one place. It's kind of funny, actually, because Michael Pollan's "only shop the peripheries of the supermarket" rule wasn't really applicable-- I found most of my stuff in the center aisles! While I wanted to go crazy on nuts, seeds, and dark chocolate (even though I keep telling myself I really need to stop eating that stuff...), I found two things that were even better: unsweetened cocoa powder* and almond butter with flaxseeds. Total cost? Like, $7! A tiny thing of almond butter (loaded with crap ingredients) is somewhere around $12 at the FreshGrocer (where unsweetened cocoa powder is non-existent) here in University City, so this made me super happy.
*Note: I now have a new way to drink my coffee: coconut oil, cinnamon, and cocoa powder. Best combination ever.

I stopped for Indian food on my walk back to campus, and I had to insist about a million times that yes, I was sure I didn't want rice and naan, and yes, it is possible to eat Indian without them. I'm pretty sure they thought I was insane... (But it's okay: I've gotten so used to people thinking I'm crazy at restaurants by now!)

So that was my Philly Paleo adventure. I'm planning on cooking and reading Everyday Paleo soon, so I'll definitely be posting food and a book review soon. But right now, I'm going to watch The Food Network's Meat and Potatoes and drool over the copious amounts of meat...

Check these out:
-PaleolithicDiet.com. It'll be launching soon, so sign up!
-Primal Toad's Smoothie eBook. For only $5, this is an awesome deal!
-Have you subscribed to Paleo Magazine yet? The first issue will be out in a few weeks!

Quote of the Day:
-"It is not a 'fad' diet or the latest trend in Hollywood. It's how our bodies are meant to be fueled." -Everyday Paleo



  1. Nice blog! I am a new follower. :) I think it's awesome that you are following a paleo lifestyle while in college. I am just getting into paleo and I will be going to college in the fall, so your blog is a great resource to keep me motivated! I am mainly trying out paleo for my health. I've had some digestive issues forever now, and I am ready to get rid of them for good! I've read that a paleo diet can be the cure-all for a lot of health issues.

    I need to look into getting some books, especially if i stick to paleo! I am doing a 30 day challenge in May!

  2. Paleo Magazine? Wow, I didn't know such a magazine existed and was coming out soon.

    Very good!

  3. @kitkatkateblog: Thank you! It's so great to hear from another student interested in Paleo! I wish you the best of luck on your 30-day Paleo challenge, and feel free to hit me up for any questions about it! :)

  4. How is the book everyday paleo? Her site is gorgeous and this is definitely one I want to read.

  5. does the coconut oil mix with the hot coffee well or did you mean coconut milk? nice site!

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