"I saw few die of hunger; of eating, a hundred thousand." -Ben Franklin

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Whole30: Finished!

Yesterday marked Day 30 of the Whole30 Paleo Challenge, and I realized that this last month has been the only time in the last 14 and a half months of Paleo/Primal eating that I've been as close to 100%-Paleo you can be in the modern world. On my most-Paleo days prior to Whole30, I still put half-and-half or cream in my coffee... and dairy is not part of the Paleo lifestyle.

So what's changed over the last 30 days?
-I now drink my coffee black (sometimes with cinnamon and coconut oil too). I can't imagine using any type of creamer again... mostly because I realized that it makes me nauseous if I combine it with coffee.
-I stopped snacking. There are two possible explanations for this: 1) Strict Paleo makes me less hungry, or 2) I only snacked because I had Paleo/Primal snack foods (nuts, seeds, fruits, and dark chocolate) in my kitchen. I realized I cannot keep non-meal foods around because I will eat them.
-I started cooking my eggs in coconut oil (instead of butter) and adding coconut flakes to my omelets. For someone who hasn't tried this, it may seem a little odd to pair coconut and eggs, but it's delicious!
-I lost that little bit of weight I put on from too many nuts, fruits, and dark chocolate. That's certainly nice, and there was no additional weight loss... which is totally fine and no surprise, considering I hadn't really changed much about my eating habits. I think this is the weight/size my body is supposed to be.
-I've had more energy and have been sleeping better too.

It was also really interesting to keep a food journal to see exactly what I was eating every day. Spinach, tomatoes, eggs, broccoli, mushrooms, chicken, beef, and bacon dominated, coconut and olive oils were used quite frequently, and I tried raw fish (salmon) for the first time.

This really wasn't too difficult, considering all I had to do was cut out that little bit of dairy and stop eating dark chocolate and nuts. Cheese will probably come back occasionally, and maybe I'll sprinkle nuts on my salad or crush them to make flour, but there's no way I can buy/snack on them anymore. And as much as I love dark chocolate, I can't have it in my lifestyle-- as a former carb-addict, it's just way too easy to go overboard with it.

I'm glad I did this challenge, though. While it wasn't a life-changing experience (considering I've been eating Paleo/Primal for over a year), it eliminated my snacking habits and made me realize that I need to continue to avoid dark chocolate, not keep Paleo snacks around, and only eat nuts and fruits occasionally and in very small quantities to avoid excess consumption and weight gain.

Quote of the Day:
"Forget about what you used to do. This is the moment you've been waiting for." -Jack LaLanne

This is just amusing:


  1. You are definately a tribute to all things Paleo! I'll share with you something that I am struggling with right now. I just read a recipe on Paleo Digest for smoked salmon develed eggs.Only problem is they used Mayo. I'll get over it, but boy that does sound good!

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