"I saw few die of hunger; of eating, a hundred thousand." -Ben Franklin

Thursday, March 31, 2011

This Week: Paleo on the Internet

The Internet has been exploding (more than usual) this week with Paleo-related articles, musings, blogs, results, and information. Take a look!

Naturally Engineered has posted the results to the 2011 Paleo Community Survey, and the results are pretty fascinating. Here are some of my favorites:
-The numbers of men (51.94%) and women (48.06%) were very close. This clearly isn't just a caveman diet!
-A very large percentage (42.76%) learned about the Paleo lifestyle in 2010, which is a huge increase from the 25.77% who reported learning about in 2009.
-The largest percentage of people (37.52%) learned about Paleo from blogs... and 85.34% prefer to get their information from blogs too. Yay blogging! (However, I'm glad to see that 76.47% of people prefer books too!)
-74.68% of people believe that Paleo is a sustainable solution for feeding a large population.
-The majority of people believe that Paleo will never become mainstream (54.03%).
-63.98% of people seem to use the 80/20 principle, and 23.06% consider themselves 99%+ Paleo.
-55.63% reported eating less than 50 carbs a day.
-33.39% were former Atkins/LCers, and 27.54% were former vegetarians.
-85.21% said they do NOT consume sugar-free drinks or diet sodas. GOOD!
-75.61% of people reported getting 7 or 8 hours of sleep a night... and 79.85% reported increased energy levels. That's awesome!

Perez Hilton (yes, the celebrity gossip guy) posted about Paleo on his site earlier this week. It was quite a short article, but I can't believe all of the ridiculous things he said. Like:
-"So really all you can eat is meat and veggies." Um... no. How about fruits, nuts, seeds, and spices? I hate this misconception!
-"It's pretty much the Atkins diet minus the cheese." SO false. See my last post.
-"But whole grains are good for you." That's also false. He is clearly misinformed and just listens to Conventional Wisdom. Ugh. Check out this link from Mark's Daily Apple.
-"Also, caveman all died really early! We live way longer than the cavemen! Why would we eat like them again?" Besides the fact that it should be cavemEn and not cavemAn (sorry, I can't help but pick on his spelling too...), the cavemen had a lower life expectancy because A) They didn't have modern medicine/conveniences, and B) They were being chased and killed by wild animals. And why should we eat like them again? Because they were leaner, taller, stronger, and much healthier than people are today too. They didn't suffer from all of the diseases and health problems that plague our society!

Which brings me to the next link I'd like to share! Dr. Kurt Harris of the fantastic PāNu site released Paleo 2.0 - A Diet Manifesto yesterday, and I highly, highly recommend reading it. He essentially breaks down the Paleo lifestyle and talks about various misconceptions, the term "Paleo," the Neolithic Agents of Disease, and more. It's extremely well-written, easy to understand (not overly scientific!), and provides a plethora of fascinating and insightful information.

I came across this article a few days ago that starts off with, "Like a cavewoman, I love raw meat." I immediately thought to myself, Paleo! Keep reading! The writer talks about her experience going on a raw food tour of New York City: lamb carpaccio at Morimoto, raw liver and heart at Takashi, live lobster sashimi at Jewel Bako, and chicken sashimi at Yakitori Tori Shin. I don't think I'd ever be able to eat raw chicken or lamb, but at least now I know where to go for NYC raw meat!

There's no doubt that Paleo eaters love meat. However, it turns out Paleo eaters actually eat more vegetables than...... drum roll, please!.......... vegetarians! This post from Paleo Playbook compares four vegetarian food pyramids with four Paleo/Primal food pyramids and finds that "vegetables average (an inflated) 20% vegetable-intake on the pyramid," but "Paleo wins with about 25% vegetables in the diet." He also discusses some factors that could explain why this is, but still-- it's quite an interesting find!

Some other cool Paleo-related links:
-Petition to Request Robb Wolf as a Guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show

Quote of the Day:
"But no one owns the Greek word palaios. The English paleo- is just a modifier. And language evolves. We can use Paleo 2.0 until it means what we want it to." -Dr. Kurt Harris, from "Paleo 2.0" at PāNu

Also from PāNu:


  1. I like it! Very interesting post.

    I did that paleo survey tooo :) I'm one of those 99% percent eaters hahaha.

  2. I very much enjoy your blog. I'm new to Paleo. One of my buddies and his girlfriend have been doing it for a while and introduced me to it. I was in excellent shape when I was younger, but my health took a dive after I blew my knee out and had four back surgeries. I'm just now able to start healthy exercising again and needed to begin my healthy eating. This lifestyle looks as though it will not only allow me to drop the pounds I gained not being able to play my sports (and thus, depressed), but will also help build my body back up in a healthy and strong way. Here's to kicking that off! Thanks for the great blog, tips, support, and ideas.


  3. Regarding Perez -- I'm afraid, you just have to let evolution work its magic. It hard to see people destroy themselves with food (especially people we care about). But if you want to experience a whole 'nother level of rage see FOOD, INC. and KING CORN. Mind-blowing.

    By the way, there are some really interesting differences in the Paleo Community of which you are no doubt aware. I am a Robb Wolf guy and -- unlike Mark Sisson, for example -- Robb urges sharply restricted consumption of nuts and seeds (in order to mitigate the excess Omega 6 and to promote the absorption of Omega 3, and because they can make you fat pretty quick), the sharply restricted consumption of fruit, especially for those seeking to drop weight (because of the sugar content and relatively low nutritional pay-off one receives in exchange), the elimination of whey powder (which can also make you chubby and is simply unnecessary -- except perhaps if you are an elite athlete seeking to gain weight) and the avoidance of large doses of antioxidant supplements (because there is evidence that they are toxic, strikingly inconsistent with what ancestral people ingested, and interfere with the benefits of exercise). Also, Robb proposes some sweet potato/yam/pumpkin/squash as an important part of post-workout nutrition. Also, Robb suggests that, unless you are pretty doggone active, there is no need to go out of your way to eat loads of extra fat because you just don't need it, unlike your Paleo ancestors. There are a number of other differences but these are some of the major ones.

    Keep up the great work and try not to get too worked up about all of the ignorance you see around you. The only reason I can cope with it is because a year and a half ago I was feeling pretty superior eating "SuperFood" shakes containing garbage like "Sprouted Barley Powder" and "Rice Tocopherols." And I also dabbled in Raw Veganism. What an idiot.

    Mari-O in Bangkok

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